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Welcome to September! The perfect month for new purposes, new challenges and adventures to live. The change of season invites us to once again enter the rivers and mountains and enjoy the most charming towns and best gastronomy of our peninsula.

It's time for getaways. Our first stop will be in a city unique in itself, with a historic center that is a World Heritage Site that invites you to explore its streets. It has finger-licking cuisine and a quality of life that many big cities would want. Can you guess who we are talking about? Well of course, we're going to spend a day in Cáceres.

In the morning

The church of Santiago will wake you up with its unmistakable good morning din-don. Don't try it, you won't be able to sleep a wink anymore. Go to have breakfast at one of the bars in the square, or if you prefer a charming place, go to the Plaza de Santiago and order breakfast on the terrace of The Matilda, a favorite place for the people of Cáceres that opened a couple of years ago.

You will now be in the center of what has been one of the university cities par excellence after Salamanca. Luckily the city has not lost its university charm. Students from all over Extremadura and Andalusia put the icing on the cake with a party atmosphere from Thursday to Sunday accompanied by an offer of bars per square meter.

Gain strength for the day that lies ahead. Start the day in the square, you will find it five minutes from the church of Santiago. You will be surprised by its inclination and will invite you to sit on the stairs that lead to the old area and from which you can contemplate life in the city.

Enter the declared old part UNESCO Cultural Heritage in 1986, it is not for less. Walk through its cobbled streets passing by the Church of Santa María to the Church of San Jorge. Continue climbing the stairs until you reach Plaza de las Veletas. Nearby you will find the Cáceres museum where you can learn about its history and culture linked to agriculture and pastoralism.

From there you get lost in the Jewish quarter between streets. Be sure to visit the different family palaces of yesteryear as well as the parador, one of the most prestigious in the country.

Eat or tapas?

Before eating, you can't miss having a good aperitif! You have several options to have some beers or wines accompanied by some tapas. You have several options to eat in Cáceres.

San Blas neighborhood

One of the working-class neighborhoods of Cáceres, you will find it going down from the old town through the church of Santiago. The best known bar in the neighborhood is Rooms. You can have a good tapa accompanied by a liter of beer for five euros, that's nothing!

The Clares

Located in the same square that bears its name, it is a classic among Cáceres and possibly one of the best places in the city. Don't forget to talk to its owners and regular customers who will always give you a smile and advise you on any aspect of the city. On weekends it is tradition to go for a good aperitif, but Las Claras is also recommended for its exhibitions, concerts and short film festival during the summer.

New Rialto

The perfect bar for lovers of rock and good pinchos. Every Saturday morning you can go to try their Extremaduran stew or their migas, but it is also recommended if there is football or basketball.

The Taperia

One of the most recommended places by each and every one of its inhabitants. It has a menu of toasts and portions with which you will not go hungry. Don't forget to try their Gin Tonic!

In the afternoon

The best thing in Cáceres in the afternoon is to enjoy a good nap. But if what you want is to enjoy the city, you can go visit the Prince's Park. It is located next to Avenida de Hernán Cortés. There you can rest while you take a walk where you will come across sculptures that make up an open-air museum.

It may be a handicap for many, but the good thing about small cities is that you can walk everywhere. Before the evening falls, head with your steps towards the Virgin of the Mountain. This way you can digest while you climb the hill that you have to deal with, hence its name. At each stop, turn around and see how the ancient city appears in front of you, an unrepeatable spectacle at sunset.

If you manage to get to the top, take a breath and breathe. Your reward will be before you. You will be able to glimpse not only the city, but the entire plain that surrounds it. The best panoramic views of Cáceres are in this hermitage to which many climb every day, either out of devotion or tradition. There are even those who redeem their sins or give thanks to the virgin of the mountain by climbing the slope that crosses it barefoot.

At night

Take a shower and get going. You cannot miss the old part illuminated by the light of the streetlights. Get lost again among its alleys and discover its mysteries. Every day there is a night tour that departs from the Main Square with which you can learn about the history hidden in its monumental corners, churches and palaces. In the following Guide you will find all the cultural and leisure offer “in your hand”.

To taste the good Extremaduran gastronomy, come to the Sande Tower, a classic of the city, and try the wines with their wonderful portions. You won't stay hungry! You can also reserve at Felisa's Palate, a house renovated into a restaurant where you will feel at home. If you want to continue tapas go The Traviata and try their wines.

Despite being famous for having lost the university spirit of yesteryear, Cáceres has a cultural offer of music, theater, cinema and bars for different tastes and colors. We recommend that you not miss any of the concerts or sessions in The Corral de la Cigüeña, one of the most charming places in the city. Don't forget to go to one of the jazz concerts or stand-up performances at the Boogaloo and dance in Havana or the Maria Mandiles. If everything goes well, you will end the night in the Madrila neighborhood waiting to enter its most legendary after-hours, The Rita.

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