Valencia in ONE DAY

If you are going to The Failures You will not have a minute to get to know the wonderful city of Valencia with so much partying. Do not worry! Here you have one guide to see Valencia in a single day.

In the morning


The good weather invites you to have breakfast on one of the many terraces throughout the city, so have a good coffee accompanied by bread with oil and tomato, or why not start the day with brunch, the best to prepare us to visit one of the most charming cities on the peninsula.

You can start the day from Christopher Columbus Street, city center and shopping street par excellence. But since we have come here to visit, not to shop, head towards the Bullring where you will come across the North Bottom Station, the place where all trains arrive to Valencia.

From the station walk to the Town Hall Square where one of the most beautiful buildings in the city is located: the Communications palace now converted into the central post office.

Pulling towards the northern part of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento you have the Virgin Square, which you will surely have visited in Fallas and where the Cathedral of Santa María, the Basilica of the patron saint of Valencia, La Virgen de los Desamparados and the Palace of the Generalitat are located.

Don't waste too much time and enter the historic center through the Carmen neighborhood to go to the Central Market and the Valencia silk market, which is opposite. By now you will have gotten hungry, good time to eat! Any of the terraces in this fantastic neighborhood are a good recommendation on a sunny day.

In the afternoon

Valencia in one day

So many monuments will have left you exhausted, so the best way to clear your head is to walk towards the sea. Leaving Carmen at Serrano Towers, where you have fantastic views of the city. You will reach the Turia Gardens, the green lung of Valencia located in the old bed of the Turia River and built after the great flood that flooded Valencia in 1957. Walking around you will find the Sea Bridge, the Palace of Music and Gúlliver... It's no joke!

Walking along you will land in front of one of the most famous works of the architect Calatrava: The City of Arts and Sciences. It is worth contemplating it from several points, it is impressive!

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At night

At night it is time to go back to the city center (for example by bus) to have a few drinks in the areas with more movement such as Plaza del Cedro, Tossal, or Doctor Collado. Don't forget that Valencia is a university city par excellence and Favorite destination for Erasmus students, you can find as much life at night as during the day, take advantage of it! In summer there is no better plan than going out and having the best boat party...Highly recommended!

And if the night lasts too long, you can welcome the new day by watching the sunrise from the beach. There is no better way to say goodbye to the city of Valencia. You won't forget it!

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