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Two months have already passed since the beginning of the course at the uni, and for those who are new to the city or do not know the best corners where all the university students in Madrid hide when they go to party... pay attention! because this post is solely and exclusively for you. Today we want to charge your batteries more than ever and motivate you for all the party that you still have to experience. Here our selection of the best university parties in Madrid, and like a good university student, don't miss a single one!


Fabrik – November 24

Do you want to know what our recommendations are on the best nightclubs in Madrid? Here we tell you each and every one of them so that not a single corner of Madrid remains uninvestigated.

What college student doesn't like a good perreo and reggaeton party? The Fabrik nightclub is once again putting on the most dance party of the year next Saturday, November 24. But this year the universiparty is more loaded than ever with the surprise of the Canarian artist Danny Romero who will perform at this party presenting his new album.

University students from all over Spain are the ones who come to this party with the best commercial music, entertainment on stage, go-go dancers, dance competitions and what we love most about this crazy party is that everyone is dressed up, do you know why? In this way the first 1000 people in costume will enter for free.

There are no excuses not to attend this event and enjoy the biggest university party in Spain like never before.

Canarian Festival

Cool Room – Thursday

It is possible that after going to this party you will have a terrible desire to organize your final year trip to the Canary Islands, and continue the party on the other side of the sea.

This festival also known as the Canarian Festival in Madrid, occurs every Thursday 2018 in a new location, in the Sala Cool in the heart of Madrid. If this piece of party doesn't sound familiar to you, we'll quickly tell you what you're going to find.

One of the best-known parties in the city aimed at the university public in which there is no shortage of performances of all kinds, entertainment, dance contests and the best music of the moment: pachangueo, house and the most danceable rhythms from the hand of its DJ Carlos Garcia.

Every Thursday the party presents a different theme and if you are thinking of going this week, hurry up! because they always fill their capacity...surprises and Canarian traditions are what make this party different from the rest. We can't tell you anything else, go and find out for yourself!

Disaster Party

Penélope Room – February 17

Between party and party there is hardly time to organize well where we want to go on a university trip, so leave it to us, we will give you the best tips for organizing a final year trip.

We are convinced that just by the name of this party you can get a slight idea of what awaits you when you go to it, right? Every year the wildest university party is presented full of shows, animations and interactive activities with the public that make it one of the favorite parties for university students in Madrid.

In addition to the music and the craziest atmosphere in Madrid in the Disaster Party Original things await you like the KissCam, epic inflatable falls, cream everywhere, champagne showers, rain of jelly beans and costume contests... also in case you thought this madness was not enough, the party also has a megatron, a confetti cannon , water guns, dancers... and many more surprises. As I said, leave the books parked once a week and enjoy this crazy college party.

Epic Erasmus Party

Eslava Joy – Thursday

Your Erasmus friends return home after finishing their adventure in Spain, discover with us the best trips for groups and surprise your international colleagues with an unforgettable visit.

Local university students and Erasmus come to this Epic session which is held every Thursday at the disco Joy Eslava Theater in Madrid. As its name perfectly indicates, its nights are more than epic, full of good music and the best, most international atmosphere. The room is filled with an audience from all over the world, it's great!

This room, in addition to having different themed parties in its Epic session, has many other parties during the week, on Tuesdays the Million Dollar session is held, there are also Crazy Wednesdays, universiclub on Fridays, on Saturdays the most classic session, and even the Sundays, with the Angel's world session.

The perfect room for your university party on Thursday where you can reserve tables with bottles, VIP areas and if you fall in love with it like many college students, you can organize your own party there, organize an event or even celebrate your birthday.

San Cement

University City -Last Thursday April

People are already starting to talk about the end-of-degree trip... don't wait until the last minute and find out the best trends for university students in our funplanando magazine!

The festival of San Cement It takes place every year at the Complutense University of Madrid on the last Thursday of the month of April, where all university students get together to celebrate. the patron of the Faculty of Architecture. Without a doubt, it is the event that is capable of bringing together the largest number of university students per year. So if they haven't told you about it yet... you can't miss the most popular party among university students, everyone will be there.

Unlike other university parties, San Cemento starts very early, from 2 in the afternoon the campus begins to fill with university students from all faculties. Outdoors, with music and very comfortable grass areas, it is not surprising that it is the most chosen party. The countdown to April begins now!

University Capes

All year

It is normal that we run out of ideas so don't worry and take a look at the funniest plans to do this winter in Madrid.

We know what university life is like: Getting up early, going to classes, studying, eating... like this every day for an entire course. A routine that can bore us and exhaust us mentally, so it is normal that as a university student you want to make a fun and different plan, break with the routine and do something exciting.

If you are tired of the same plans, parties and clubs, maybe the University Cape be the alternative you are looking for. The capea is a festival in which many people gather to have a good time dodging heifers and steers in the plaza without any harm to the animal, nothing to do with bullfights.

University capeas are events where you enjoy a good university atmosphere, music, food and drink. These are usually held throughout the day, where laughter and fun are guaranteed, and well, maybe a few slaps if you are not very attentive to the heifer. A different and adventurous plan to do with your university friends.

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