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The Best Nightclubs in Madrid

Looking for the perfect plan for your bachelor party in Madrid? Or are you simply traveling to the capital and don't know where to go? Well, don't worry, because here we leave you a good selection designed exclusively for the most fun travelers! The best nightclubs in Madrid and let it not be said that the people of Madrid are not true survivors.

Also, who said that New York is the city that never sleeps? Because here in Madrid we also know how to do that and very well! But if you are one of those who need a little break from time to time, don't worry! Because in Madrid you can also findthe best accommodations at a guaranteed price! Can you ask for more?

Capital Theater

Atocha Street, 125

Capital Theatre, the most well-known and emblematic venue in the capital, and who doesn't know its seven completely independent floors with totally different atmospheres and music? Of Thursday to Saturday You will be able to experience a totally different party, out of the ordinary, with a show, with good music and with many surprises that will make you return to your city with an incredible taste in your mouth.

Because among its seven floors, you can find from a karaoke, a plant dedicated to House musiclarge boxes from where you can enjoy views of the entire nightclub with a bottle in hand, a terrace where you can disconnect from so much music while enjoying a good drink or an area dedicated to mojito and Cuba to places as peculiar as the Kissing Room or a Funky Area.

If you don't want to miss any party, sign up for Teatro Kapital's VIP list or contact our friends at MadridLUX through vip@madridlux.com or 692 383 870. Don't miss any party!

Gabana Club

Velázquez Street, 6

Gabana Club, where the most demanding public at a national and international level knows that this nightclub is the most elegant and fun plan. Although how do you feel if we tell you that this was before a flamenco tablao? Located on Velázquez Street, next to Retiro Park, this nightclub is the one that Dom Pérignon sells the most in all of Spain. It has a wide variety of cocktails as well as one of the largest wineries in Europe. Doesn't sound bad, right?

Well that's not all!

And this nightclub opens mwednesday to saturday until the sun rises, so a party is more than guaranteed! Although it is true that Wednesdays are a whole different story here, they are nights of madness, fun and a lot of partying where a very varied audience comes to enjoy a open bar from 00:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. beer, sangria and wine. But if you prefer to go on a Friday or Saturday, no problem! Because if there is one thing that Gabana guarantees, it is that whatever night you go, madness and a unique night will be the order of the night.

Barcelo Theater

Barceló Street, 11

Teatro Barceló is that place that over time has gained so much prestige that it has managed to attract the best international DJs in its “MadCity” sessions, so signing up for Teatro Barceló's VIP lists ensures you don't miss any party. . Find more info at vip@madridlux.com or 692 383 870!

Barceló Theater, or formerly better known as Pacha, is another of the most characteristic nightclubs in the Madrid capital. Located in full Barceló street, this nightclub offers you 3 floors with different types of music and atmosphere. From Thursday to Saturday this nightclub takes the city by storm, every night at this nightclub is unique and different. You will have a scary time while you enjoy the best House music in the main room as well as a show by the DJ that will motivate you even more and on the third floor, for music lovers. Reggaeton music, the latest songs of the moment await you.


José Abascal Street, 56

If they organize a weekly party called Wild Jungle How crazy and wild will the rest of the nights be? Sign up for Opium Madrid's VIP lists and find out for yourself 😉
You can also request information about the festivities at vip@madridlux.com or 692 383 870

Opium Madrid, one of the most famous venues in the city of Barcelona that has managed to extend to the capital of Madrid, using the old Moma venue. In this nightclub you will find everything from spectacular animations that set the atmosphere in the room to the best commercial, house and even funky music. It has two rooms, one for reserved rooms and the other the Purple Room, for commercial and pop music.

As for the audience you will meet, well, the most select in Madrid, from soccer players, journalists, actors...let's go for a totally different night. Of Thursday to Saturday The nights will revolve around house and commercial music; Although hey, if you don't want so much Latin music but you do want to dance your heart out, then we recommend that you go a mwednesday or a domingo, where you will find r&b, funk and urban music.

Florida Park Room

Menendez Pelayo Avenue | Ibiza Street Corner

Florida Park Retiro, that place that combines dinner, show and disco, all gathered in the same room and night!

Florida Park Retreat, this room that after having been closed for a long time, has once again been one of the most requested places in Madrid's nightlife, since its opening in 2016. It returned in style with a reopening of facilities that aspire to be A cultural and gastronomic reference point in the capital of Madrid.

It will not fail to surprise you night after night, thanks to its good atmosphere of beautiful people, unbeatable music and unrepeatable evenings. In addition, its facilities have different spaces where you can enjoy the night: the main room, one of the largest, is characterized by its large windows, from where you can see the entire Retiro Park. This room is open every day of the week, although the truth is that the party that lasts until dawn only occurs from Thursday to Saturday, since the place closes at 6 in the morning. Can you imagine being able to see Retiro Park both at night and at dawn? Well now you can!

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