4 Sunsets in Mallorca for Dreamers

They say that if a good thing is brief, it is twice as good. For this reason we begin to say goodbye to summer with those fleeting moments that leave us images to remember. We bring you our 4 sunsets in Mallorca for dreamers where you can say goodbye to a new day with views of the sea. These are our four favorite sunsets.

Who signs up for a trip to Mallorca?

1. Ca’n Pastilla

Ca’n Pastilla Beach Sunset

FunPlan Recommendation: Watch the sunset on the Puro Beach terrace, cocktail in hand, until dinner.

Crossing the Mediterranean watching the sun hide behind the horizon. A sunset in Can Pastilla deserves a memory for a lifetime. You will feel that time stops and there is nothing more beautiful to contemplate. A perfect place to reflect on the rocks without looking at the clock to the rhythm of the chill out.

2. Ses Covetes

Ses Covetes Sunset by Nav Unger

FunPlan Recommendation: If you go between Wednesday and Sunday you can watch the sunset while enjoying an outdoor concert.

Nature in its purest form, a boat leaves and you are alone with the lights in the background. This is a sunset in Ses Covetes, one of the most classic on the Balearic island. If you want to live first-hand the experience of enjoying like a Mallorcan, this is your sunset.

3. Sa Foradada Viewpoint

Mirador de Sa Foradada Sunset by Mallorca Heatwave

FunPlan Recommendation: you will find Sa Foradada on the way to Deià, it is worth arriving mid-afternoon and waiting for the sun to set.

Views that deserve a postcard. If you pass through Sa Foradada you will only be able to stop and contemplate the world from above. Incredible cliffs invite you to dream and immerse yourself in a world apart, a desert island, a small paradise part of Mallorcan nature.

4. Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor Sunset by veltronix.com

FunPlan Recommendation: Watch the sunset from the top of the Formentor Lighthouse, you can say good night to the sun as if you were next to it.

Freedom, pure and clean freedom. As the sky turns pinkish you will feel the morning breeze saying goodbye to a new day. Only fleeting traces of light and the shadow of the cliffs will remain. A unique place to dream.

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