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Beaches and coves to get lost in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the favorite destinations for travelers who want to escape the hustle and bustle, the crowds and the beaches crowded with families. If you travel to Mallorca, you will be lucky enough to find those hidden paradises to enjoy a relaxing and dreamlike vacation in the Balearic Islands. We tell you about our 6 beaches and 6 coves where you will live a summer dream.

6 beaches to get lost in Mallorca


It is the largest beach in the capital. With fine sand and crystal clear water, you will have to make room among the hammocks to find a place and relax. An ideal place to have an aperitif while enjoying the eastern sun. It is also perfect to take advantage and try some water sports.


The view from this beach is unbeatable: the Sierra de Tramuntana accompanies the landscape. You will reach it through a tunnel next to the cliffs. You will be impressed with the view after the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis.


If you want to enjoy the beach and coves in equal measure, then go to the port of Pollença where you will come across Formentor beach. Transparent waters bathe the sand. If you prefer to escape the hustle and bustle of the crowd, you can walk to Cala del Pi de la Posada or Cala Formentor.


It is located just two kilometers from the capital, La Palma, in a spectacular setting as a backdrop: the palm trees of Pº Marítimo, the silhouette of the Gothic Cathedral of Palma and the Episcopal Palace. You will enjoy an environment that seems straight out of a dream.


If you like walking, go to Es Trenc Beach. Three and a half kilometers of white sand bathe its waters with a dreamlike landscape. If the weather is good you can see the island of Cabrera and wallow among the dunes at the same time. Send us your selfie to #FunPlanMallorca!


Only if you are to the south will you enjoy this beach, present in Santanyí. We recommend getting up early to avoid the crowds since it is one of the busiest beaches during the summer. Be sure to visit Es Pontàs, a rock eroded by the waves that looks like a bridge in the water.

6 coves to get lost in Mallorca


A freshwater waterfall tops this dreamlike landscape. To get to it you must travel 17 kilometers from Valldemossa. A hidden place with a special charm, perfect for a summer getaway.


If you like trends and want to know where famous people spend their summers, this is your place. Not only will you enjoy the heat, the sun and the sea, but you may even share a dip with some celebrity. Eye! The white sand disappears giving way to gravel. We recommend you walk through it and soak up its fishing tradition.


We only give you one piece of information: in 1991 Cala Mesquida was declared a Corner of Special Tourist Interest by the Balearic Parliament. To get to it you must travel 7 kilometers from Capdepera. It's worth a visit, right?


If you are one of those who like natural environments and the mountains, go to Manacor where you will find Cala Mendia. You will be surprised by its surroundings since it is more like a natural pool bathed in white and blue tones. *Funplaner recommendation: from Cala Mendia you can visit Cala Anguila by swimming.


Another point on the island very frequented by Celebrities. A hidden corner in a landscape of pine trees and rocks that surround this white sand paradise. Place frequented by the island's VIPs. *Funplaner recommendation: if you want to rub shoulders with high standing, come to Puerto Portals.


Cala Estancia is part of a unique setting. A natural pool 3 meters deep and fine white sand. You can escape if you are passing through for the summer in the tourist area of Can Pastilla.

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