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Restaurants for Farewells in Madrid

We're back at it for another year with the ranking of the best farewell restaurants in Madrid! A reference city in nightlife and capital of modernity, Madrid is a great possibility to celebrate a Bachelorette party in the best spaces of the metropolis. Fun restaurants, spectacular nightclubs and charming places make this city the best destination for different and unforgettable group farewells. If you want to say goodbye to a very special day in good company and with an exceptional atmosphere, here are five places where you can leave singleness behind. Make a difference and bet on a farewell full of original ideas and good vibes. This year we respect the best 5 restaurants for farewell parties in Madrid and we premiere 2 news the most TOP.

Do you dare with a night of challenges, dancing, karaoke and lots of laughter? Let's start!


Dancers and singers! Your stage is waiting for you in the restaurant This is Hollywood, prepared so that the mood and the desire to party do not falter at any time.

The actors from This is Hollywood will accompany you from the beginning of the dinner, and will be in charge of livening up the night with their original choreographies. Eye! Their shows are totally participatory…Who will be the first to get on stage to rock the boat? During dinner nothing will be missing, not even a open bar of sangria and beer to add degrees to the night. Laughter, games, contests and prizes! Be very attentive to the team's instructions because there may be surprises.

The night has just begun, a group toast, a shout of "Long live the bride!" and we changed rooms to burn the dance floor of your nightclub Open until dawn!

Contact: 91 609 48 03 – 626 051 919



One night has never been so long, and when you enter the restaurant in The time Machine, the clock stops marking the hours to make a tour through all musical eras.

So if you like the classics, prepare those bangs to “rock and roll” to the rhythm of the best rock of the 50s and 60s, To jump to the most hippie vibe of the 70s and 80s reliving the Madrid scene and finishing with the best themes from the 90s and 2000s.

The night is not only about music, its “show men”, Doctor Crazy and the horny mechanic will add a touch of humor to each era, putting everyone in the restaurant to the test. Everyone is going to be the protagonist tonight! Ready to vibrate with an epic musical show?

Contact: 91 609 48 03 – 626 051 919



¡The TOP novelty of this 2019! As its name indicates, PARTYRESTAURANT is the restaurant of parties, humor and fun where you will enjoy the best night of your life in an authentic disco-restaurant special for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties and mixed parties. Great atmosphere!

In it you will enjoy a complete: Dinner, surprising shows in which everyone and especially the brides and grooms will be the protagonists and a great nightclub where you can dance and have drinks until dawn.

The dinner will be non-stop, open bar accompanied by different comedy shows, fun choreographies in which we will all participate and performances with Drag Queens.

If you want to surprise the couple and enjoy a night of laughter and good humor together with the best atmosphere in Madrid, especially for farewells, don't think twice and book a table at Partyrestaurant... 100% fun guaranteed.

Contact: 91 609 48 03 – 626 051 919



Themed in Chicago 1920s, in The Temple of Pleasure The first to welcome you will be the mafia boss, two gangsters and two gangsters will be with you throughout the night “they will be the entertainers”. Pay close attention to them because they will be responsible for everything that happens inside the premises, games, contests...

Between dishes, laughter is guaranteed, we will start with some monologues we will continue with a drag queen show and we will end the night in a very, very spicy way… erotic shows for boys and girls.

In the most sensual and elegant way, the night's honorees will be the protagonists. Ready? The night has just begun, the next step is to continue the party at your nightclub!

Contact: 91 127 20 50 – 635 383 305


Behind the doors of the Enigmatium located in Atocha, hides a dinner with a show in which you will not expect everything that is going to happen.

The first enigma of the night will be find the restaurant This is just the warm up! Because once there starts the game.

We will begin with a presentation of different artists on stage who will perform throughout the dinner. The objective? At the end of the night you will have to decipher which is what has really happened on the premises.

After dinner, it is time to enjoy a entrance to nightclub with mojito included. Keep the party going!

Contact: 91 127 20 50


The another novelty which adds to our list of best restaurants for farewells in Madrid 2019! On this occasion we change the register completely and go to an old shelter from the Civil War. Are you ready to fight? Laughter and tension will be guaranteed throughout the entire dinner in the Enigmatiumroom, where you will be accompanied by an entertainer who will not give you a single minute of respite.

Ahead, you will have 3 hours to travel to the past accompanied by an entertainer who will not give you a minute of respite. During this time, you will try to escape from a room while you face different tests, an exam and some other questions.

What groups will manage to leave?

Contact: 91 127 20 50


A disco-restaurant with a menu with open bar designed to gain strength for an unforgettable night.

For the most fun and festive farewells, your site has a first and last name “The Fun Theater” and with that name you can already imagine that it is one of the most fun farewell restaurants in the capital.

Located at Av. De Alberto Alcocer 43, it is the perfect place to start giving spark to the night from minute 1. Paqui, a luxury master of ceremonies, will be waiting for you accompanied by her Drag Queens to start a dinner of the most lively and fun where you will enjoy the craziest shows, its contests and original choreographies.

And after dinner? Without moving from the place we are going to dance los mejores temazos del momento a su discoteca. ¡Non-stop until 6 in the morning!.

Contact: 91 110 17 12 – 609 147 078

After this, one thing is clear to us and that is that in Madrid we can find a varied offer, at a good price and different from what we already know. In addition to restaurants, the capital offers thousands of options for celebrate an original bachelorette party and unforgettable with your friends.

If it is an express farewell and you only have 24 hours, we have the best ideas for a bachelorette party in Madrid and asthe best nightclubs in Madrid!

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