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5 Different Bachelorette Parties in Madrid

Tired of conventional bachelorette parties? This post is aimed at you, original women passionate about partying but also about culture. We have chosen five places in the capital where, apart from enjoying the Madrid party, you can spend hilarious moments in theater and comedy in your bachelorette party in Madrid.

The Hole

The most uninhibited show ever seen. A provocation party where there is no shortage of humor, music and the circus. A fictional bachelor party  He starts the show by alerting the audience of the party they are about to attend that will raise the temperature of more than one person in the room. The best comedy actors from the national and international scene come together on stage to liven up the night of the capital with stripteases, monologues, and circus performances.

The Tomatazo Katarsis

If you want to spend a despedida despedida de soltera divertida y original and release tension, what better way to do it throwing tomatoes at the actors from the Cristina Rota School of Interpretation, where the best theater actors on the national scene come from. The public is the one who values each work with applause or a tomatazo at the music, dance and theater cabaret.

It is the perfect plan to start the bachelorette party for both lovers of good theater and for those who deeply hate it. At your farewell, without a doubt, the bride will have the last word. In this video you can learn more about the cabaret.


Don't have much time but want to try something different? This is your place. A brothel converted into a theater. What were rooms for clients are now rooms of only 15 square meters where amateur actors perform their micro works for 15 minutes in a unique show. You will feel part of the work!!! Each week highlights a different theme and is divided into three sessions, of which we highlight Golfa every Wednesday and Thursday starting at 11:00 p.m., the perfect plan. You can see examples of what micro-theater is in the following report.

Berlin Cabaret

Different bachelorette party in Madrid, Berlin Cabaret

He spiciest cabaret in the heart of Madrid and the perfect place to end the night of partying with your girlfriend. Party, music, magic, humor and spectacle come together in the most famous Cabaret in the capital. There they will surprise you with live performances but also you will be able to meet other groups celebrating their farewells. In addition, the bride will participate in the performances in one of the most emblematic venues of the Madrid scene.

The Parrot's Hut

Up to four venues spread across the capital to enjoy the best comedy monologues that will give an original touch to the bachelorette party. This plan is perfect for lovers of Comedy Club Since it is possible to enjoy live monologues while you have your first drink, you will be completely right. But La Chocita is not only nourished by monologues, you will also find the best humor and comic magic shows. In the following video you can get to know her better.

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