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We all like to go for tapas and try good food. Good food is a gift from heaven! Going out for a drink is so fashionable that we look for increasingly modern and renovated places that show us something new and delight our palate. The concept of “market” has evolved, the time has come to ride the wave of gastronomic markets in Madrid! They not only offer to buy the products but also spend time with friends tasting their best products. We, at The Fun Plan, do not want to be left behind and we present to you the list of the best markets in Madrid that you absolutely have to visit at some point.

Come to Madrid and enjoy the tapas markets!

Do you know the most important renovated gastronomic markets in Madrid?

1. San Miguel Market

Almost every Madrid resident knows the San Miguel Market, and if not, they have not been able to admire the iron and glass structure that is also Asset of Cultural Interest. This market is a few steps from the well-known Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. After the reform they carried out, the San Miguel Market rose from its ashes like a true phoenix and becoming the gourmet market par excellence. For a quality aperitif on a Sunday at noon you can come to this market and test your palate by trying some good oysters accompanied by a quality vermouth. They won't let you down!

2. San Ildefonso Market

He gastronomic market San Ildefonso market  It is located on Calle Fuencarral 57, which faces Santa Barbara. If you want to know this gastronomic market that is so fashionable, walk through the Chueca neighborhood and you will find it. It was the first food market in the capital but now with the modernization of the markets themselves in order to obtain greater income, it has become a 3-story building with 18 incredible positions and just looking at the product makes you want to try a bite.

3. San Anton Market

Do you know the terrace restaurant “Cocina de San Antón”? It is the upper part of this market where you decide the product you want to eat in the market and they cook it for you. Surprised? There is still more. The San Antón market is coming strong after a 5-long-year renovation, but now that it has opened its doors to any visitor, it is not limited to national but also international gastronomic events, but also This gastronomic market has been the site of film presentations, flash mobs and plays.

4. Platea Market

In the Salamanca neighborhood you will find this market, the Mercado Platea. In this corner of the city they meet with chefs of the highest category as it has some chefs who have six Michelin stars. It has 20 stalls selling fresh and tasty products and a single restaurant for the entire five-story building. Do you want to taste a dish made by a two-star Michelin chef? Come to the “Arriba” restaurant and dare to taste the delicious food at an affordable price.

5. Moncloa Market

Near the universities you have another of the best gastronomic markets that The Fun Plan points out on this list. We don't want you to miss any of them, because each one has a different and incredible specialty. At the Moncloa gastronomic market you can enjoy shows and live performances. This market is an authentic discovery that links the social and the cultural. It is distributed in three spaces and you have the possibility of tasting Italian, American food, Japanese experiences, Galician products and wine!

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