We have just started university and we are faced with the most complicated decision of the course. And no, it is not knowing which electives we choose or the timing of classes. Nor the exam of that subject that we have been dragging since first year nor the presentation of the TFG. So? The choice of destination of our final year trip 2020! We all know the typical all-inclusive sun, beach and bracelet destinations such as Punta Cana or Riviera Maya. And those of us who are looking for something different? We are clear that it is a unique trip and that it is only done once in a lifetime so... Here you go! 10 alternatives to the Caribbean final year trip 2020, you won't be able to keep just one!

1. Thailand

This country that has been so fashionable in recent summers, It is the perfect destination for an end-of-degree trip invaded by philosophy wanderlust. Furthermore, the best months to take a getaway to the Asian country are from November to June, even the weather is on your side! You just have to take your backpack and a map to decide which route you prefer to take based on the days you have to make the trip.

The shortest one lasts about 10 days in which you will experience the essence of the country through a visit to Bangkok, the temples of Ayutthaya, Elephants World and a few days of relaxation and sun on the paradisiacal beaches of Phuket. Do you want more party? Take a ferry to Phi Phi Island, the island that never sleeps.

If you are lucky enough to be able to be 15 days of travel, the best option is to start in the capital, continue through the north and finish on the beaches of Phuket. Although it may seem long, at the end of the journey, you will just want to start over.

And finally, if partying is what runs through your veins, don't think twice: Bangkok and the Full Moon Party is prepared especially for you. This trip combines the best of tradition and temples with the largest of the Asian festivals in commemoration of the full moon. Grab the calendar and decide which one suits you best. We are going to Thailand!!

2. Cuba

It goes without saying that for us it is one of our favorite trips, since In addition to traveling in space, going to Cuba will also make you travel in timeHavana As a capital, you will fall in love with it from moment zero: happy people on the street, music everywhere and let the rum flow!!

The journey lasts 9 days and 7 nights and, after your stop in the capital, a bus will pick you up at your hotel to take you to paradise: Varadero. Long white sand beaches where you can snorkel, take a “round trip” on the beach or spend the day at the hotel beach bar, it's all included!!

3. China

Surely more than one of you has already thought about slinging your backpack over your shoulder and embarking on the adventure of discovering this exciting country. Well now it's much easier for you!! You have two options: form your own group or join any of our outings with your best colleaguesThere are no excuses anymore!!

What you will need is a little more time than for the rest of the trips, since we will be 25 days from one side to the other, perfect for the first days of summer! We will camp at the foot of the Chinese wall, you will learn basic notions of the language and you will be experts at eating with chopsticks!

4. Japan

Can you think of a more exotic trip than this one? They will be 13 days in which you will completely immerse yourself in Japanese culture and learn about its arts and customs. Furthermore, one of the most fun things about this tour is that in the different stops you will make you will meet people who you will later meet in different cities.

You will have classes karate, calligraphy, you will visit a sumo and anime neighborhood. It will be an action-packed trip!!

Do you need to finance your final degree trip? “at student prices” they have a lot of original ideas. With the code: THE FUNEST4 ideas you will have an extra discount

5. Cruise

More and more of you are asking us about this trip and it is amazing!! This season we could say that we have three stars in the crown.

Caribbean Cruise

Who hasn't heard what happened at the end of this summer between the earthquake and Irma? We have the perfect alternative! A little cruise with which you will sail through the seas of the Caribbean and you can enjoy all its beaches, the sun... Like Your accommodation will be on the ship itself, you don't have to worry about anything! Well yes, one thing: Hurry up to contact us! Places are limited!

University Cruise 2019

That great wish is back!! Last year you asked us loudly and this year, of course, it couldn't be missing from our list. As usual, We will board in Barcelona and from there we will begin our route through the main cities of the Mediterranean: Rome, Florence, Pisa...

And when you finish visiting the city... let the party begin!! On board the Sovereign there will only be other university students so laughter and anecdotes are guaranteed. Who's signing up?

Greek Islands Cruise 2019

This year is yours!! You've been wanting to get to know these wonderful islands for so long, your time has come! You have to take into account that The scheduling of these departures does not begin until the end of April to have more chances that the weather will be with us throughout the trip.

We will visit Rhodes, Patmos, Mykonos and Santorini. Which will be the favorite? What we do assure you is that the blue funplanner of its waters will be the protagonist of many of your photos 😉

6. Circuits around Europe

How many of you wanted to do the Interrail that summer of your second year of high school? And if you did, surely there was some area that you would have missed or that you would love to go to again.

That's what these trips are for! Whether you have already been to the main European capitals or it is your first time, you will get to know them in a completely different way thanks to their activities. In each of the cities you will have a cultural visit so that you can get to know the most relevant points of each of them and at night... We are going to party!!

Central Europe

Three of the great European capitals are waiting to be discovered: Berlin-Prague-Budapest. Our departure cities will be Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga mainly and once we are on the plane, there is no turning back!!

We will spend the first three days in the German capital and you will realize the effects that Nazism has had on the city. And of course… try their beer!! And it's all about beers... because if Berlin has a few... what can you say about them? Prague? When you arrive at the Old Town Square you will feel like you have been transported to a princess story, you won't want to leave there!! We will put the finishing touch in the great city of Budapest: The Parliament building will impress you and the stories of the Jews who were there will put a lump in your throat. But don't worry, all stress will be eliminated with an afternoon in one of the city's hot springs. Or do you prefer sparty? Divide your time well, you cannot leave without knowing the ruin pubs 😉


For those who prefer the combination of only two countries, it is possible to tour Belgium, taking Brussels as a camp and the greater Amsterdam. Being in Brussels, in addition to trying its delicious waffles and exploring the Grand Place or looking for the Jeanneke Pis (which is the Manneken in girl form) or the dog, you can take a getaway to Bruges and Ghent.

The best way to go to Bruges and Ghent is by train, since in addition, if you are 26 years old or younger and traveling in a group, you can use their transport card.

From Brussels we will go to the capital of canals par excellence: Amsterdam. If you want to visit the Anne Frank House, we recommend that you reserve your tickets in advance and, of course, you cannot leave the Dutch capital without taking a boat ride through its canals or spending an afternoon in a coffee shop.


If you have already visited cities like Berlin and Prague, this tour could be the best second part. Bratislava is a small city that can be easily visited in a day on foot.. Furthermore, with our little tour train, you can go to the Castle, where if the day is clear, you can see even the countries of Austria and Hungary 😉The historic center of Vienna It is very concentrated, making it perfect for a day trip. AND Budapest… Do you need more reasons to visit it for the first time? Because if it's the second one, we're sure you don't need them 😉


Those who already you have experience visiting European capitals and know the mythical ones, you will be looking for something more. And Poland we are sure will not disappoint you. In addition to their fame for partying and Erasmus, the cities of Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow They will captivate you with their history, monuments and environment. Are you ready to see it for yourself? 😉

7. Malta

How many of you are looking to spend your final year trip on a Mediterranean island? Then there is no doubt! Starting in May, Malta is a top destination to spend a few days and disconnect from exams, teachers, TFG...

Crystal clear waters, all-inclusive hotel near the coast and boat party with live DJ and open bar!! Needless to say, if you are lovers of water sports, one of the most popular activities is snorkeling and many travel to the island only to try their hand at diving. When do you say we're leaving?

8. Gran Canaria

The island with eternal summer... If your only possible travel dates are in the winter months, Gran Canaria is made for you!!

Good price, hotel with bracelet and all inclusive next to the beach where you can sunbathe or spend a night out, what more could you ask for? ¡A boat party, of course!!

And who knows? If you make this trip in winter, I'm sure you can plan any other getaway for summer 😉

9. Ibiza

The queen of cities for lovers of electro music, techno and clubs where you know when you enter but not when you are going to leave.

The Opennings of the main albums are held in the month of May, so it will be in those first weeks, before the high season begins, when you will be able to spend an unforgettable end-of-course trip!!

And Ibiza is much more than party and good vibes, you will also find spectacular coves where you could perfectly stay spending the summer and activities like a good boat party and watersports that you didn't even know existed. Do you already have the dates marked on your calendars? We think the best way to think about it is from a hammock at the hotel pool, mojito in hand 😉

10. Algarve

It is true that to go to the south of Portugal We will have to wait until the beginning of summer, but we assure you that the wait will be well worth it.. Yes, we know that it is very close to many of us, but what about how amazing its beaches and coast are?

In this case we recommend staying in aparthotels, where we can get very good prices and who needs help to throw a good party? All the clubs in the area will be with you every night so that the party lasts until the sun rises.. Ready?

When choosing your final year trip, remember that #ladistanceeverything: The best thing is to choose a destination that adapts to what you are looking for and that the dates chosen are the best to be able to enjoy it at 100%.

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