The Tomatina

Let's throw funplane tomatoes at each other!

La Tomatina, the most popular street party in Buñol (Valencia-Spain) is 24 hours away from starting.

Have you wondered about the origin of this peculiar festival?

We tell you 

Its origin dates back to 1944 when, as they say, during a parade of giants and big-headed, those who had not been able to participate began a pitched battle with the participants and both sides ended up throwing tomatoes at each other. The battle was repeated the following year and after successive permissions and prohibitions, the Tomatina was established as an official holiday in 1959, always being celebrated on the last Wednesday of August.

Later, after a report about these festivities appeared on television, the Tomatina began to become very popular throughout the country.

The tomatoes that are thrown are paid for in full by the City Council and due to the large number of attendees at this festival the number of them is around 100,000 kilos!

Photos from Tomatina 2013

The beginning of the festivities takes place the night before with the splice, which consists of a great party that lasts all night to the rhythm of music, paella and wine while the tomatoes are prepared for the next day.

In the morning a popular breakfast is distributed in the main square and after this a rocket is fired and La Tomatina begins!

An hour later, another rocket is fired, warning of the end of the party, leaving all the streets and their participants soaked in tomato juice.

Another fun photo of Tomatina

Would you like to go to Buñol to throw tomatoes at each other?

This year, for the first time, you have to get a ticket to guarantee a quiet party without any altercations. If you don't have yours yet, access it here, you still have time to purchase your pack!

We leave you a series of recommendations so that you can enjoy the party at 100%:

  1. Bottles or any other type of objects that could cause damage or accidents should not be thrown. Only tomatoes can be thrown.
  2. You must not tear other participants' shirts.
  3. The tomatoes must be crushed before being thrown so that they do not hurt anyone.
  4. You have to be careful when passing the trucks that transport the tomatoes.
  5. When the second shell is fired, the tomato throwing ends.
  6. The use of protective glasses and gloves is recommended for all participants.

We leave you a video in case you need a last push to help you decide. See you in Buñol!

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