Who has not ever had a problem in their company? Have you known what the origin was and successfully solved it? Although we may not believe it, on numerous occasions setbacks arise that we cannot solve in time and can cause great losses for the company.

How are we going to solve it if we don't know with certainty where the problem originated? Well, in fact, this is the first thing we must find out. Let's take a global view of our company:

Main problems

Is there a good work environment?

First of all, we must focus on creating a pleasant atmosphere in the office. For this, it is necessary that there be no tensions between colleagues and that they get along as well as possible, even becoming friends, which would be the most favorable situation.

Are your employees very stressed?

It may be possible that stress has taken over workers and they are not developing their full potential.

And are they really motivated?

This is a difficult task, since it is normal that even if a person likes their job, doing it day after day, 8 hours a day and for years can be tiring and exhausting, which is linked to a lack of motivation.

Does each person develop the role for which they have the greatest skills?

Without observation, we sometimes don't get to know employees well. It is very likely that a person does a job for which they are good but could develop other tasks or roles for which they would be much more effective and would be more satisfied.

Are there good work teams?

Good individual workers are often confused with a good work team. What you have to ask yourself is whether they function correctly as a team or do they have certain weaknesses.

Do your employees feel rewarded?

As silly as it may seem, a small reward will make them feel valued and know that the company appreciates their work, with which they contribute to the success of the organization.

If you consider that any of these problems are specific to your company, there is no need to rack your brains thinking about how you can solve it. Nowadays there are numerous activities that could help solve all these problems in just a few hours. It is a miracle?? No, it's team building.

Benefits of team building

While it is true that there is no magic formula to make all problems disappear, it is true that a good team building practice can greatly help solve your business problems.

As we already know, the main objective of team building is to achieve a good united and cohesive work team that is motivated and develops its maximum potential.

There are many team building activities that provide fun for employees and a multitude of benefits for the company, but we must not fall into a very common mistake: competitiveness.

Many of the activities are carried out by teams. And although for some that touch of competitiveness can bring passion, other workers surpass everything to win, forgetting that one of the final objectives is to foster collaboration.

To avoid making this mistake, it is essential to know your team a little. If you know that competitiveness prevails among them, choose activities that are not divided into groups, but rather that encourage work among colleagues. A good example of this would be a cooking workshop in which, after prior teaching, everyone together has to make a gastronomic dish.

And, as we have told you before, there are many benefits that team building can bring you:

  • Any different activity carried out by the company will be considered a reward for the workers, so they will be satisfied with having a different day.
  • Although team building games seek to achieve learning, at the same time they provide fun.
  • Spending a day outside the office with your coworkers makes you get to know each other better, on a more personal level, and creates much stronger bonds than merely work relationships. The fact of living experiences together unites people a lot.
  • The more relationships with others, the easier it is to break the barriers of creativity and development.
  • Team building activities encourage collaboration between employees to achieve a common goal, if they achieve it they will be rewarded and share that prize together.
  • It helps to discover one's personal abilities in addition to one's abilities as a member of a group.

Final reflection

As you have seen, team building can provide various benefits to improve your company in such a way that its productivity increases greatly.

To do this, you must first make your employees reflect: What do they think has been achieved with this activity? How would it be possible to transfer these learned values to the company?

But it is not only enough that your employees have learned from that fun day, you must also rethink the following aspect: Is just doing a team building day enough? Of course not.

It is important that you value everything that happened during the team building day and make decisions. Perhaps it is advisable to relocate jobs or keep an eye on a worker who has been aggressive or manic. Maybe you simply have to value your employees more, whom you already know better and are certain that they are good people, they make an effort every day and that thanks to them your company continues to stand.

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