From north to north and I shoot because it's my turn. We liked Asturias so much that we bring you a new chapter of “Cities in one day”, this time in Oviedo. If there is something that this city is characterized by, apart from being the host of the Prince of Asturias Awards, it is its statues. Characters from the world of science and the various arts walk through the city waiting to be found by visitors. Will you accompany us to pass one day to Oviedo?

In the morning

Motherhood - Photo by María Martín

Oviedo is one of those cities that does not attract attention by hearsay. However, as soon as you enter its historic center you are captivated by the buildings, corners and secrets that this city hides in every corner. A small city with an exquisite quality of life, finger-licking cuisine and a friendliness that is increasingly difficult to find in big cities.

We begin our journey in the nerve center of the city where life shines 24 hours a day. It is the Escandalera Square, the point where the city's past and present come together. The first sculptures will welcome us: “Maternity" and "The fat girl" of Botero and the sculpture of horses “The Asturcones” by artist Manolo Valdés. You will also be surprised by the “Culis Monumentalibus that presides over one of the city's streets.

From there we will enter the historic center of Oviedo along Calle San Francisco. We will pass by the University and the Philharmonic Theater. Enter inside the University, it is worth contemplating the traces of history that its walls hide.

You will walk among chapels, churches and residential palaces from the 7th century, living history!

Finally you will arrive at the Plaza where the Oviedo Cathedral. You are in the center of the Old Town or also called Plaza de Alfonso II El Casto. Notice the buildings around you: the chapel of La Balesquida, the Casa de los Llanes, the Notarial College of Asturias... okay, the names don't tell you much but we invite you to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the 18th century, It looks different right? Open your eyes wide because it is possible that you will come across none other than "The Regent", the sculpture by the artist Mauro Álvarez Fernández, located at the foot of the cathedral.

Once you have returned from traveling in time, venture to the Porlier Square where the statue of Williams B.Arrensberg, whose father is the sculptor Eduardo Úrculo, awaits you. It looks like something out of a detective movie, right? Take a photo with it because it is commonly known as "The traveler"…I'm sure you have a lot of things to talk about!

To Eat

The walk has surely whetted your appetite quite a bit, hasn't it? Well, we're going to eat. At this point we propose two options:

Ciders in Plaza Fontán: If your body asks for cider, take Rúa and Cimadevilla streets. You will arrive at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and from there to the Plaza Fontán where you will find the best of good Asturian cuisine: a choricito and the tastiest meat.

A good seafood platter: Return along Calle Joveyanos to Plaza Carbayón where you will find the Statue of Concordia and next to it one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Asturias: The Chalana. You will enjoy the best seafood at a good price without having to leave a fortune on the road.

In the afternoon

La Regenta – Photo by José Luis Cernadas

If there is something that distinguishes Oviedo, it is also the Uria Street. There is the nerve center of commerce where the showcases of the most elegant brands on the national and international scene are located. You will feel like true “celebrities” from an American movie. So much so that you will surely stumble upon the statue of “Woody Allen" who is taking a walk through the commercial center of Oviedo. Its author is Vicente Martínez Satanrúa.

If you are not a big fan of shops, we propose an alternative plan designed especially for nature lovers. You must rent a car or a bike, leave the city behind and head to the Picu Paisanu. On the way you will find the churches Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo, two of the oldest in Asturias.

You will have the city at your feet, it is worth it!

At night

Cider Boulevard -Evan Bench

A quick shower to get rid of the tiredness and get back to the grind. You will find the Oviedo scene in the old town of the city. Enter its streets again from eight in the afternoon and approach Gascona Street. From that time on you can start having your first glasses of the well-known Cider Boulevard.

We then recommend moving along Mon Street, Oscura Street, San Isidoro, La Corrada del Obispo, Plaza del Paraguas, Cimadevilla and Rosal Street. If you want pub recommendations, we recommend going for a drink at Arde París, La Factoría or Radio 8.

If you are looking for accommodation, take a look at our hotel search engine!

On the Oviedo Tourism page you will find all the information about the city, full of history. We told you that it would surprise you, right, what has? But surely we left more than one and a thousand plans to recommend... can you give us a hand?

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