Menorca, The Island to Live 365 Days a Year

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We all know that Menorca is one of the most popular options among national and foreign tourists with the arrival of summer, but who said that the island is not worth visiting during the rest of the year? Good temperatures last longer around the Mediterranean than in other areas of Spain and you can enjoy the sun's rays in the spring and autumn months. Whatever your availability to travel, we recommend that you dedicate your time to a getaway to Menorca since it is an island to live 365 days a year.

Spring arrives in Menorca

At the end of March temperatures begin to rise, the sun usually predominates on the island and if the rain allows, Menorca becomes one of the most recommended destinations to travel to. Despite the large volume of visitors it usually receives for the Easter holidays or on one of the holidays that occur in the spring months, tourism is still not as massive as in the middle of summer. For me it is the best time to put aside sun and beach tourism and enjoy the outdoor charms of Menorca. One of the favorite spots on the island is undoubtedly the Favaritx Lighthouse. And although the island has many of them spread along its coasts, this is one of the most famous, and in my opinion, the most charming in the Mediterranean. It is northeast of Menorca, located in a landscape devoid of vegetation, which makes visitors feel like they are at the end of the world.

Sun and summer heat

Summer is coming and Menorca celebrates it in style with the Saint John festivity. Although there are many towns that celebrate the longest night of the year with bonfires, music and parties, this celebration on the island takes on special importance. And without a doubt, the horses and riders become the protagonists in the last days of June, where in addition to the island hosting thousands of tourists, you can see the curious 'jaleos'. It is impressive to see how the Menorcans try to literally lift the horse with its rider, taming it so that it remains on foot.

The costumes and colors fill the streets of the island before the attentive gaze of visitors from all over the world. 

And as I said, during the months of July and August Menorca is completely overcrowded by tourists, but on the contrary it is the best time to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches and coves that are spread across the island. Therefore, bathing in a turquoise Mediterranean and sunbathing on fine, golden sand without being surrounded by tourists becomes an arduous but not impossible task. There are many corners unknown to tourists, and although you have to be patient to reach them, it is possible to find a bit of tranquility and relaxation in the months of July and August in Menorca. One of the most charming bathing areas on the island is the Binimel-la cove, where you can find numerous monoliths placed on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Sweet autumn on the island

October is an unpredictable month in any corner of Spain; It could be that it rains torrentially, that the cold arrives suddenly or that it seems that summer does not want to 'say goodbye'. Enjoy the 'succulent' festivities of October 12 and November 1 to make a getaway to the 'beautiful island' of the Balearic Islands. Although you will not be able to bathe or enjoy the beaches of Menorca as in summer, the thermometer does not need to exceed 30 degrees to fall in love with the island.

The best time of year to visit its charming towns 

Although Ciudadela and Mahón are the largest and most touristy towns, I consider that there is none more beautiful than Binibeca. Its small cobbled streets, its well-kept low houses painted white, the tranquility that is breathed... Those who want a day of rest and relaxation, without a doubt, this town is the most recommended, you will even find signs that "please be quiet."

A different winter in Menorca

Both Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men travel to all corners of the planet and of course also Menorca, so if you have a few days free for Christmas and want to celebrate with your family in a different way, you can enjoy the magic of Christmas in Minorca. In the largest towns on the island, Citadel and Mahón, Christmas markets are held, Christmas carols are sung, popular 'chocolates' are made and Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men wait for the children to tell them their wishes for having been good. Those traveling as a couple or with friends will be able to enjoy accommodation and party favors at a good price while enjoying one of the favorite islands in the Mediterranean.

For those who think that in winter they will not be able to do the same activities or see the same attractions as in summer, you are wrong. 

Without a doubt, it is the best time to see places full of history and charm such as the La Mola Fortress, the Fornells Tower or the D'Hostal Quarries. For the latter, between the months of October to April entry is completely free, so in addition to getting to know the most important corners of Menorca it is a way to save on our trip. Furthermore, in Menorca you can take a trip back in time by visiting its different 'talayots', different monuments left by the Talayotic culture centuries ago and that today show us the importance of the island throughout history.

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