Outdoor training vs. inside

What do you want more? Indoor or outdoor training? Do you know what the differences are between the two? And the benefits of each of them? We tell you everything you need to know about outdoor and indoor training.

Outdoor training

Outdoor training goes far beyond being simple games for the entertainment of employees as a reward for their good work. The purpose, despite being combined with the entertainment of workers, requires great learning. If an activity is not fun, the subsequent learning will be much more difficult to assimilate and therefore the fusion of both is necessary.

As this Anglo-Saxon term indicates, these activities are outdoors. Although it is important that all activities seek learning, such as, for example, team building, are away from the workplace, one of its modalities is to do these activities in an outdoor space.

The main advantage of outdoor training is that being outdoors, the feeling of escaping from the workplace is greater. Contact with nature, climate and landscapes gives rise to unique scenarios where the experience will be lived in a more real way, it will be more exciting and more fun. In this way, workers will be more committed to the activity and good learning will be achieved.

You choose the setting. You can opt for a more rural landscape, such as the countryside and the mountains or the coast, if you are one of us and are passionate about the sea. In two very different atmospheres we can carry out various team building and training activities to ensure that your employees are more united than ever and achieve maximum productivity.

He paintball It is one of the most typical outdoor activities with which multiple benefits are achieved, such as: escaping work stress, collaboration between team members, fighting for a common goal, all loaded with fun!

If what you are looking for are more original activities and in a marine environment, you can take a boat ride in which you will relax a lot with the warm breeze of air, you will play role-playing games and you will get to know each other personally much better, greatly strengthening the links between workers.

However, outdoor training has a main drawback: you will have to look for a day when the weather is good and the weather conditions are on your side. With a good activity and a clear day, you will make your learning day unbeatable.

Indoor training

Despite not being in an outdoor environment, indoor activities can also be really instructive for your employees as well as fun. Even though we are in a closed environment, it is also essential to keep workers away from the work environment to escape stress and daily routine. To make the activity more effective, it is advisable to choose an environment far from your organization.

These activities can be very varied and effective. It doesn't matter what season of the year you are in, the temperature or the time, since the activity will take place indoors.

There are a multitude of indoor activities with which great learning is achieved and it is your task that the activities you choose are entertaining, fun and await extensive background training. Without good learning, these activities are nothing.

Although in outdoor training it seems that you can only do more sporting and adventurous activities, in indoor training you have a wide variety to choose from. If you are a good eater, a cooking workshop will teach you the importance of organization, attention to detail and collaboration, while you enjoy eating the delicacies you have prepared.

If you fancy something more dynamic, you can rent a venue with a stage where you can prepare a play or why not? A karaoke in which you have to vote for the best performances of your bosses. What do you get with this? Gain trust, strengthen ties, enhance communication and the expression of opinions of any worker to agree among all on the best solution, or in this case, the most appropriate score. You also have adventurous games in closed spaces. Are you good at working under pressure? Well, let's see if you can get out of the jail cell by passing different tests together. But... hurry up, time is running out!

As you can see, both outdoor training and indoor training can be totally effective if they are done correctly and always with the ultimate goal of achieving learning without ever losing the essence of fun.

And you, which one do you choose?

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