The Sevillians are very much theirs, so much theirs, that they even dare to celebrate the April fair in the month of May;) We give you the best advice to enjoy the best of the fairs in the purest Sevillian style. Pay attention!

Get a good Sevillian suit

It is the perfect time to show off the Sevillian outfit that you have dreamed of wearing since you were little without feeling like you are wearing a costume.

The cheapest flamenco dresses are around 100 euros but if you want to bet big you can buy them for 250-300 euros, what a Sevillian spends on a good flamenco dress. Hence the suits can reach exorbitant prices.

Another option you can do is buy the fabric and take it to a tailor, although at this point you won't have much time... It's all about trying! And don't forget the hairpins, the Sevillians can wear more than twelve to hold the flower that adorns the head.

Learn the hits of the moment

The Sevillians have been reviewing the most classic songs by María del Monte, Rocío Jurado and the best Sevillians to sway and enjoy Andalusian art. If you don't like Sevillanas, don't worry, because at the end of the night all musical styles have a place in the booths...Let's dance!

Dress up for the night of “Pescaíto”

This night is colloquially called “Fried Fish” night. The Sevillians They dress in suits and meet at the booth to enjoy this delicious delicacy accompanied by friends and family. The night where you show off your outfit and presence, Don't let it be said that you don't attend the Fair!

Don't miss the “Alumbrao”

At midnight, neither more nor less, the Sevillians leave the booths to contemplate the “Alumbrao” of the Fair, the lighting of all the light bulbs that illuminate the most one thousand booths spread over 1,000,000 meters between 15 streets and 26 blocks, according to the Seville City Council.

In the photo you can see last year's cover. Are you going to miss this year's?

Be careful with the Rebujitos!

It is the drink that you will drink the most during the Fair, a mixture of chamomile or fine with carbonated lemon soda. With the heat, you will only drink and barely eat anything unless you realize it. They won't stop refilling your glass! With two rebujitos, even if you assure us that you don't like the sevillanas, you will already be dancing the first one and getting on track for the second...

Tell your Sevillian friends

To enjoy a good Fair You must have at least one good friend from Seville who invites you to his booth. As soon as you are accepted, you will be able to buy a drink with the vouchers like any other Sevillian at the Fair.

Likewise, there are 16 public booths, although we must admit that they do not have the charm of authentic Seville. You will rub shoulders with friends and family of your friends and thus connect booth with booth. A luxury!

Here you have the practical guide to the April Fair prepared by the Seville City Council and if you are thinking of going but you don't have a place to stay, we leave you the best hotel search engine in Seville and The best restaurants of the city, you have no excuse!

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