You already have everything prepared for your trip to Brussels: you have put in your suitcase everything you think you will need and all the "just in case", during the last week you have not eaten anything sweet so that you can delight in their delicious chocolates and You have made a list of all the beers you want to try. Then it occurs to you to look at what the weather is going to be like and rain is on the way! So that your plans don't go awry and you see that discovering a city with rain also has its charm, at The Fun Plan we tell you everything you can do in Brussels in the rain. Put on your wellies and grab your umbrella because the adventure begins!

1. Grand Place and the King's House

It doesn't matter if it rains, snows or the sun is shining: the Grand Place It is a place that you must see in all its forms. If it is raining, don't miss the opportunity to take a walk around it and take photographs from all angles, since the reflection of the wet ground on the surrounding buildings makes its colors much more striking. They will be the best Instagram photos, and without filters! Once you have seen the square, if the rain is a little heavier, you can enter the King's House, a place where you will find all the Manneken costumes, which one will surprise you the most? They have them of many nationalities, typical costumes, costumes...

2. The Saint Hubert Galleries

Were the first shopping galleries in Europe And today, they continue to be the most elegant! You will find numerous shops of all kinds with very careful windows and details that will leave you speechless: chocolate shops, jewelry stores, fashion stores... If you sit at any table in one of their cafes and understand some French, it is very likely that you will hear very interesting conversations. since it is intellectual meeting point. Furthermore, one of the advantages they have is that they connect the historic part of the city with a more modern area, just enough time so that when you leave the rain has disappeared.

3. Zinneke Pis

If you go to Brussels you will surely have heard about Manneken Pis and his girlfriend Jeanneke, but did you know that they also have a dog? If it is raining a little, it is the ideal time to venture out to find it. For those of you who want a clue, we can tell you thatIt is located behind the Saint Géry Market. The author of this sculpture, Tom Franzen, has many others spread around the city, adding a comical touch to many situations. How many will you be able to find? In case you had any doubt, the canine sculpture is also peeing.

4. Eat one mitraillette

Before going to Brussels you will surely have heard about their legendary waffles, chocolates and beer. But do you know what is literally known as a “machine gun”? Consists in a sizable sandwich made of chips, meat, and sauce. Ideal to gain strength on a rainy day! The meat is previously cooked in an onion sauce. Once ready, it is put on the bread along with the chips and sauces to taste, what do you think? The price is usually around €4 and you can find it in all the friteries in the city.

5. Tropismes Bookstore

Did you know that Belgium is one of the places where the most comics are published? That is why it is not surprising that they even have their own comic route: Tintin, Lucky Luke, The Smurfs or Quick et Flupke appear in it.

If you want to take a book in French with you as a souvenir, a rainy afternoon in Brussels is ideal to look for it. Although there are many bookstores, we recommend that you go to Tropismes: it is located very close to the Grand Place and seeing it inside will impress you. In addition to its size, it has three floors, You will be especially struck by its decoration, its ceilings and the large number of mirrors it has..

6. Cantillon Brewery

I'm sure many of you are already thinking about taking a beer tour. What if we ended up toasting in one of the best clubs in Brussels?

As you already know before going to Brussels, beer is one of its most legendary products and this factory is the only one found in the city. So why not take advantage of the rain to discover a special beer? And it is that The Cantillón factory produces in an artisanal wayThey still use tools from the 19th century! lambic beer. It is a type of spontaneously fermented beer that is only produced in Belgium. During the tour you will see step by step how the cereal is treated until it is converted into this precious Belgian drink and in the end you can try it and buy a bottle. Admission costs €7 and includes the tasting.

Don't let four drops spoil your trip: Grab your raincoat, your rain boots and let's dance in the rain!

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