10 Original Ideas for a Bachelor Party

Do you have to organize a bachelor party and don't know where to start?

Then you are in the right place. In this post we will offer you 10 original ideas for a bachelor party, both traditional and original: from the typical limousine to an afternoon of sports or tastings. The first thing we recommend is that you give a different touch to the farewell and take the opportunity to organize a group trip That's why we are the first Spanish travel agency specialized in group trips for bachelor parties!

In addition to encouraging you to travel, we propose 10 ideas para organizar una despedida de soltero alternative, in the most fun, crazy, original and unforgettable way you can imagine.


Let's fight with paintballs! Two teams face each other in order to eliminate all players on the opposing side or complete an objective (such as capturing a flag or eliminating a specific person). There are many places that organize this type of “battles” in closed spaces and stages adapted for it. It is a very good option if you are a group of at least 10 people.


Can you think of a better way to release all the adrenaline with your friends than by doing some Formula 1 races inside a Kart circuit? Overtaking, speed and competition for an unforgettable experience.

Adventure bachelor party

Are you looking for a little adventure for your bachelor party? We propose several alternatives to spend an adventurous bachelor party: rafting, canyoning, canoes, horseback riding, zip lining, archery, bungee jumping, a hot air balloon ride, a ride in a small plane or a negative jump are some ideas for outdoor activities. for this very special occasion.

Bachelor parties by boat

What better way to say goodbye to being single than on board a sailboat, cruise ship or catamaran. From something lighter like a sailing trip with your group of friends with a few beers enjoying the coast (at The Fun Plan we offer trips of this type in Ibiza, Tenerife, Barcelona, Cádiz, Sanxenxo, Rome, Oporto, Lisbon, Algarve, Amsterdam, Prague... almost any city in Europe) to something more lively like boat parties with DJs.

Farewells with limousine

Without a doubt, the ideal transportation for an unrepeatable day is a limousine in which you can tour the city with all your friends to the rhythm of music and champagne, to give a touch of glamor to the event. Also, there is a possibility that a stripper will come up with you. You can choose two types of limousine: the Lincoln limousine (the usual one) and the Hummer limousine, taller and cooler for farewells.


The option of tastings never goes unnoticed and is highly valued as a calmer plan. It can also be a unique moment to show your friends your exquisite abilities as a winemaker. However, not everything you taste is wine: you can do a gin and tonic tasting in Porto or learn how to make the best cocktails from a professional bartender.

Theme restaurants

It is one of the most classic options and no less fun. Can you imagine saying goodbye to being single in a restaurant inspired by a horror mansion, in Alice's Wonderland or surrounded by Drag Queens? Of course the event will not go unnoticed.

Among the farewells in restaurants or gastronomy, we also want to mention the culinary or tapas routes that will undoubtedly leave you with “a good taste in your mouth.”

Sports bachelor parties

Are you passionate about sports? It is increasingly common to organize sports-themed farewells. As? Taking advantage of a sporting event interesting: a Champions League or national team soccer match, going to Roland Garros or Wimbledon or the basketball Final Four. But also having a little soccer party with colleagues or a paddle tennis tournament with everyone.

party bus

Have fun with your friends in a different way: It is a unique concept, a moving disco. They pick you up and take you on a tour of the city with a DJ, who will be in charge of playing great songs in this motorized discotheque.

Beer Bike

Also known as the “Bici-birra”, the “beer bike” is a structure the size of a minibus with space for 16 pedallers who, sitting on wooden stools around a U-shaped minibar, can have a few beers along the route. Like having a drink, only pedaling and... the bar moves! They became fashionable in Amsterdam but today they are already common in many of the main cities of Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Seville.

What do you think of our proposals? We have left out a few, because the possibilities are endless! If you have any questions or if you have any suggestions, leave a comment.

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