Erasmus Party: My First International Party

Music, sticky wooden floors, alcohol, girls moving their hips and boys trying to keep up, groups of young people chanting the lyrics, empty shot glasses, green, blue and purple lights... At first this atmosphere doesn't sound any different from the one I heard could have found in Madrid. The most obvious difference: the language. Communication is an important aspect in this type of socialization and having a few too many drinks helps many to lose the shame of making mistakes or not being understood in English. Many will even think that they speak better, but it is just a feeling.

He speaks in English and sings in English. At some point during the night hits like “Yo soy tu gatita”, “Suavemente bésame” or “Una vaina loca” may play and the voices of Spanish speakers will be heard repeating the lyrics as if there were tomorrow. 

In Groningen, a city where 25% of the population is students, according to the digital magazine I am expat, nightlife is assured. From Wednesday to Saturday the city center is filled with locals and internationals coming and going from the bars. On my first international outing, I did a rhythm route with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) group.

Erasmus Student Network carries out activities for international students throughout the year that make it possible to meet many interesting people with different studies and backgrounds. 

Returning to the bars, in Groningen there are plenty of places where you can enjoy dancing and/or chatting with friends. The first one I stopped at that night was Drie Gezusters on the Grote Markt square. A staircase bar and another 20 bars inside that make it the largest bar in Europe, according to the digital magazine Groningen Life. However, despite being the largest bar in Europe, it is not the cheapest and the beer does not go below 2.50 euros.

The second lowest priced stop for brewers was Golden Fust, on Poelestraat. Many young people spend their nights in this small, cozy pub where songs from the 70s to the present day are played.

Dutch, English and Spanish are the most common languages once the clock reaches 2 in the morning and visitors dare to sing 

After chanting the same string of words of “Salsa, tequila, heart” two or three times, the place becomes too saturated with sweaty bodies and beer stains on shirts, it is time to change bars.

The atmosphere of the night was summed up in new smiles, unknown looks, dances opening space among the crowd and a fond memory for everyone. 

The last stop of that first night of the very cosmopolitan Erasmus Party was in Snow Valley in Peperstraat, or Pepper Street if we do the translation into Spanish. Steep and unsafe stairs open access to the colorful stage of lights, shots and wooden columns. A first international outing of many others that remain to remember from this Erasmus experience.

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