Who signs up for a trip to Valencia? A getaway of flavors, experiences, weather and Mediterranean beaches...let's go, pure life! But this is not all that Valencia has to offer, but the views and sunsets of this place are one of those that leave you speechless. That is why today we have decided to go and discover what they are. the best sunsets in Valencia.

Who's signing up?

1. La Albufera

sunsets, Valencian viewpoints….the capital is endless possibilities.

A sunset in one of the natural parks and most beautiful places on the entire peninsula. In fact, it is so spectacular that it was formerly called the “mirror of the sun” in various Arabic poems. In addition, it is the ideal place not only to enjoy the sunset but also to go cycling or sailing on one of the largest lakes in the territory. Do you want to know a secret? If we want to enjoy this sunset better than anyone else, we just have to move a little to the area that is closest to the lake, where the area where the water comes from is located. Without a doubt, it is one of those places that we should visit at least once in our lives.

2. The City of Arts and Sciences 

If we ever decide to visit Valencia in one dayWithout a doubt, the City of Arts and Sciences is something that we cannot miss.

Who said that modern and country can't be combined? Well, you just have to get closer to the area of the City of Arts and Sciences to realize that this is possible. Not only that, but the contrast that the city offers with the orange light when the sun is setting is one of the most impressive images we will ever see. Furthermore, even if we do not want to go see the sunset there, this site is worth visiting for the diversity of activities it offers, such as: walking along the botanical promenade, watching a movie at the IMAX and even visiting the Oceanogràphic.

3. Miguelete

Located in the heart of heart of the city, with a more traditional touch than the previous one, we find the Miguelete tower, the Gothic bell tower of the Valencia Cathedral. One of the most tourist places in the area, open every day of the year from where we can not only enjoy unbeatable views, but also the very characteristic pink roofs of the capital. Furthermore, we can view them without any problem, since the upper part of the bell tower is free of bars. A curiosity? We better have our lungs prepared, because they await us ahead 207 wonderful steps.

4. Malvarrosa Beach 

Malvarrosa is just one of the best beaches in Valencia has to offer us.

Being in Valencia there is a sunset that we cannot miss and it is the one that offers us the Malvarrosa Beach. Its breakwaters allow us to get a little further away from the land and be able to enjoy the wonderful sunset over the coast much more. The best thing about this beach? Next to it there is a wonderful promenade, very lively at all hours of the day and full of a variety of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal in the purest Valencian style.

5. Header Park

And for those who are not so into the beach and filling themselves with sand, what better sunset than the one offered by the header park? It is one of the most famous gardens in the entire capital and due to its distance from it, it has a large pier where if we want we can enjoy an incredible ride in one of the famous pedal boats, where we can see many ducks and swans. . In addition, the panoramic view that it offers us of the entire city is a surprising image to behold. The ideal place to disconnect and unwind from the busy day-to-day life, since you don't hear any noise.

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