10 Tips for Traveling to Malta

“We're going to Malta!” How many of you will say that throughout? It is a great destination, with beaches, sun, and a lot of activities, but, oh my! What do you need to know before you go? It is not necessary to take any special care, but a little help from someone who knows it never hurts, and that is why we present these to you. 10 tips for traveling to Malta.

1. What do I put in my suitcase?

In Malta the temperatures are warm, mild, and in summer high, like in the south of Italy or Spain. However, since it is an island, the humidity is higher. Help for the sun and mosquitoes cannot be missing, whether in the form of caps or creams. We also recommend that you bring something to cover yourself when you visit the impressive churches, because you may be asked “that your shoulders, chest and legs are sufficiently covered.” Furthermore, although in large hotels the plugs are like the Spanish ones, it doesn't hurt to put a plug in your suitcase. adapter to english plug, because you will also find quite a few. Don't let your cell phones run out of battery! We want to see a lot of photos #funplanning 🙂

2. Language

Eye! Maltese comes from Arabic, mixed with French, English and Italian, which means that it is quite difficult for you to understand each other in Spanish with the people of the island. Don't panic! It's time to dust off the English book, since it is the co-official language, and remember those typical phrases that will make you move around the island “like a fish in water.” There are also many people who speak Italian, with whom we are sure that you will understand each other without problems. Capisci? No problem!! 😉

3. Money

“Ahhhh!! “I'm going to Malta and I haven't changed my currency!!” Don't worry, that in Malta the euro is used and dataphones are also widespread and allow you to pay with a credit/debit card in most stores and restaurants. As for the price range, you will find everything, and although it is an affordable place, depending on where you go and the tourist influx they may be higher or lower.

4. How do we move?

Malta is relatively small, but it is not a plan to explore the entire country walking (or swimming, there are several islands!). Don't worry because the island has very efficient public transportation at an affordable price. There are more than 80 lines and the only problem is that sometimes there are too many detours. So that you don't spend the whole day wandering around, you can choose one of our tours, both by land and by sea. If you have in mind renting a car, it is a good idea, but be careful with the party! You will need to have all your senses on the road because they drive on the left!!

5. Is my hotel close to the party area?

There are all types of establishments: hotels, hostels, apartments, campsites and luxury hotels. If you have in mind going out and going from club to club, the most recommended area is St. Julian's. If you are looking for something a little quieter, you can stay north of the capital, where you will also find some terraces and pubs where you can have a drink at night quietly.

6. Is it a safe island?

Malta is a very safe place, so you can party and go to the beaches without any risk. Yes, you will have to be attentive to your backpacks and personal belongings, since in the areas with the most tourists there may be some theft.

Tips for traveling Malta II

7. Events

If there is something that Malta has, it is events throughout the year: from the most particular ones, such as the weekly boat party or the pool party every Friday in summer, to the most crowded: from the MTV week that is celebrated in June and brings together hundreds of multinational artists, to its increasingly well-known Nadur Carnivals, in Gozo. And if you like fireworks, you can't miss the Malta International Fireworks Festival, which takes place in April.

8. Do I have to reserve anything?

Malta is a city that is prepared for tourism, so you do not need to buy monument tickets in advance (except for the only known prehistoric underground temple, called Hal Saflieni Hypogeum).

However, when doing activities, it is recommended that you have them all scheduled so that you don't miss any of the experiences you can have. We recommend that if you are there for approximately a week, you organize yourself so that before leaving you have dedicated a day to traveling by boat to the islands of Gozo and Comino, visiting Valletta and discovering the city of Mdina; and take a tour of the south of the island. For the most adventurous and sporty, you cannot miss a day of diving/snorkeling or parasailing. Are you ready

9. I'm going diving, should I know something?

You are going to one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean for diving. However, so that the experience is not dangerous and you can enjoy it to the fullest, in the 24 hours before and after To the activity you must not have flown by plane or have had one too many beers. We know that the latter is not very easy, and even less so as a trip with colleagues, but the effort will be worth it, 😉 Aside from this, enjoy its crystal clear waters!

Tips for traveling Malta

10. Souvenirs

With so much partying, you have forgotten about your parents and grandparents! Well, Malta, although it is a small country, has a lot of typical products: cotton and silk lace, wool sweaters and tapestries, but also gold and silver jewelry. For gastronomy you have honey, nougat, olive oil, wines, but also products from there: zalzett (sausage with cilantro), gbejniet (Gozo sheep cheese) or the liqueur bajtra (with figs and herbs).

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