Preparing a group trip is not an easy task. What if one wants to go to Madrid and another to Barcelona, what if so-and-so doesn't want to sleep in the same room as so-and-so, what if I can only go on this date and you had a trip with your partner on that date... What we say, what? It's a mess. And as we are specialists in organizing parties and group trips we dare to give you 5 tips for preparing a group trip.

1. Plan the trip in advance.

As a general rule, the more time you have to plan your group trip better than better. Yes yes, there are last minute trips that one does not plan and that turn out to be the most fun. We agree on that, we have also made trips of this type and that is why we send you last minute travel deals through our newsletter.

But selecting the dates of your group trip is one of the first tasks you must do, since It will allow you to get better prices and have places available on means of transport (especially important if you are going by plane) and in accommodation.

2. Appoint a person in charge of the group.

Having one of you be responsible for the group makes organizing the trip much easier. If the group is larger than 20 people, we recommend that there be a general manager and one or two assistants. The tasks of the person in charge will be to coordinate the demands and needs of the group members and to act as a link with the travel agency or with the suppliers of the contracted activities.

As communication tools between all members of the trip, we recommend the communication by email or create a closed Facebook group. In the Facebook group you can create surveys you can create surveys with which to vote for decisions to be made, although for us The best tool to help you plan and vote on group activities is Doodle.

3. Establish a budget per person.

One of the points that generate the most discussions when traveling among friends is the budget to spend per person, since the economic reality of each person is usually different. Therefore, determining an approximate budget per person is always advisable, as it can determine the attendance of some who have doubts.

4. Select a good destination.

Once the dates have been limited and with an approximate budget per person, it is time to start discussing the possible trip destinations. These will be determined by the duration of the trip, the budget, the means of transport available and what you are looking for: sun and beach, islands, parties, a city with museums...

5. Means of transportation and accommodation.

The means of transportation is a very important factor when preparing a group trip. If you travel by plane, departures on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays usually have special discounts for groups.

Accommodation is another fundamental factor to enjoy when traveling in a group. On the one hand, you have the option of having everything done in a hotel, which can avoid conflicts between you if the stay is prolonged due to issues of order and cleanliness, and on the other hand, going to an apartment, an option that we recommend. for stays of up to 3 nights because they give extra independence.

We hope that these tips are useful to you when organizing your group trip. Whether you have any questions or if you want us to help you at The Fun Plan Do not hesitate to contact us in the contact section. We will soon make a new entry on our blog with tips for organizing groups once at their destination.

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