5 Ideas to Enjoy the End of Year Trip

You dream about it from the moment you set foot on the first day at the university: the final trip. Months of preparation so that everything goes perfect and you have the best memory. Where is the key? A plan that adapts to all tastes. If you want to enjoy it to the fullest, we leave you the best ideas adapted to any university trip, whether in the mountains, on the beach or in a city.

In the suitcase, the essentials

You know, the bull is going to catch you packing your suitcase. The best thing is not to complicate things. If you have chosen a beach destination like Ibiza or Tenerife, take the most comfortable and summery clothes you have, no more than three swimsuits, four T-shirts and two pants. If you are going on a Cruise, keep in mind that you will be in the pool all day, so you can afford to reduce your luggage even more. You can't miss a little outfit for nights out and leave your winter clothes in the closet because you won't need them.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen a city as a Lisbon-type destination, think about the nights you are going to spend hanging out in the bars on the corners. .Think that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Choose comfortable clothes for sightseeing and forget about the rest 

Mountaineers will be the ones who will have the most difficulty when packing their suitcase. Destinations like Andorra require a backpack as a suitcase to store your clothes, don't forget the sweatshirt and windbreaker and everything you need to spend a few nights in the rich warmth of the fire. Of course it will be a trip completely out of the ordinaryWe assure you!

The day, tourism

If you want to have something more than a memory of gambling and drunkenness, take advantage of the days to go sightseeing wherever you are.

Leave the excuse of tiredness at home, you must make the most of your time!

Then you will regret it when they ask you, and even more so if you decide to leave Spain. For example, if your destination is Riviera Maya, be sure to visit the coral reefs and tropical jungles and the heritage of the Mayan culture. If you choose Amsterdam, it is essential to take a bike to ride around the city and visit the Van Gogh museum or the Heineken factory. You'll see how fun it is!

The nights, partying

If you will all agree on something, it is that the nights of the end-of-career trip are to be enjoyed. Forget about the hours and make the most of the cities where you are. Beach destinations like Mallorca have the best nightclubs at your fingertips. Lovers of cities like Barcelona cannot miss visiting each of its bars and clubs: more than one are open until dawn. And the mountaineers? Ski-to-door bars and music festivals are the order of the day in places like Andorra. Make the most of the nights and have breakfast watching the sunrise from the top of a mountain, the beach or from a terrace in the city.

The sunrise after the night of partying will be one of your best memories of the trip. 

Food and accommodation, all included

Our best advice will be to take advantage of the “All Inclusive” so you don't have to think about carrying your wallet around all day.

The last thing you're going to think about is sleeping and eating, that's what partying is all about!

The good thing about the complete packs is that you will also not have to worry about the location since you will normally be staying in the central area near the nightlife area, a factor that you will appreciate when returning from a party or when going sightseeing.

Open mentality

The last tip is perhaps the most important. Think that your final year trip is a unique and unrepeatable moment that you will live with friends that from then on you may not see as much as before.

Your end of career is a unique and unrepeatable moment for each of you, live it to the fullest! 

Therefore, the most important thing is to live every moment of this unique trip, be patient with the organization of plans, attitudes and tastes of each person and an open mind towards the culture you are going to know... You will never forget it!!!

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