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One of the most anticipated days for every university student is here... we have waited many years but this year... we graduate! This is going to be one of the most important moments we will ever experience, so the party we organize must be up to par... we must celebrate in style that we have finally finished university... an unforgettable moment to share with our classmates, friends and family.

The last year at university is all about decisions… where do we go on a university trip? Where do we have dinner on graduation day? And the party, how do we do it? Let's not panic, step by step... It is best to organize everything in advance, and not wait until the last minute. So if we need ideas about where to have dinner at our graduation here we can learn more about the 5 best restaurants for graduations in Madrid , all of them perfect for group dinners and events such as a university graduation.

 5. Café Colon Madrid

If we have not yet chosen our destination for the final year trip, in the university magazine #funplanando... where are all the trends about the TOP destinations... we will clear up any doubts. We will tell you everything, everything and everything!

One of ours Favorite places for group dining And without a doubt, Café Colón Madrid is more than perfect to celebrate an event as important as the graduation dinner with our friends and university classmates. This restaurant located in a more than privileged place, what Goya Street is like in full center of Madrid. Specifically, this restaurant is located inside the Fernán Gomez Theater Center, the Cultural center of the Villa. A unique place to live gastronomic experience surrounded by an “art deco” style, which surely will not leave us indifferent.

Their products are of the highest quality, and dishes are prepared with great love, which is why this place is one of the best known in the city, and with such good recommendations. In addition to everything, its terrace, in Plaza Colón itself, will allow us to enjoy amazing views of the National Library.

4. Normandie Ondarreta

After dinner we already know what's coming, right? Party, party, and more party. If we have doubts and don't know where to go after the big dinner, we leave you the best university parties in Madrid, anyone will be more than perfect to give it their all on this special night.

Normandie Ondarreta is located located in an unbeatable location, surrounded by nature at every corner thanks to beautiful gardens. This restaurant, on the outskirts of Madrid, offers us the possibility of organize a perfect celebration as special as university graduation with our friends.

His traditional Basque-French cuisine It will leave us speechless. Dishes such as Provençal frog legs or suckling pig are its specialties. But the jewel in the crown will have to wait for dessert… chocolate will be the main protagonist. A banquet in a unique environment is undoubtedly one of the best options we can find for an unforgettable dinner.

3. San Francisco

We thought we knew everything until we started organizing the most anticipated trip of our university life... There is no need to worry, because it is time to discover. what no one has told you about the end-of-degree trip.

He San Francisco Restaurant, is located in the Pardo mountains, so it is a space located in the middle of nature, totally ideal for celebrating events such as dinners and graduation parties. Its cuisine is very traditional, and the quality of its products is unbeatable, its long and prestigious career precedes it, and that is why we do not hesitate in the slightest to consider this fantastic restaurant within this ranking.

Furthermore, the San Francisco restaurant offers us much more than an extensive menu with special menus for group celebrations, Its outdoor tents as well as its spacious rooms make this place ideal for the graduation dinner. And this is not all, we will be offered all kinds of services adapted to our needs, such as buses, musical entertainment, audiovisual services or parking.

2. Fortuny Restaurant & Club 

Headaches to agree on the destination of the final year trip, and it is difficult to balance numbers... it is time to forget about the worry of money, here come the best 5 destinations to travel to for less than 500 euros. There is no excuse anymore! A trip with our friends for an incredible price… are we going to miss it?

If we want a celebration in style without leaving the heart of Madrid, then we have found the perfect place to celebrate our dinner and graduation party. One of the most prestigious restaurants and clubs in the capital It offers us a super unique multi-space where you can enjoy the best gastronomy. It is about  Fortuny Restaurant & Club,

In addition to enjoying the elegant hall, we can also, if the weather is good – and in Madrid, during graduation season, it is rare that the sun does not shine – its incredible garden. His gastronomic proposal is no less impressive than its facilities, because we can try dishes as amazing as the “Galician pasture beef envoltini with pumpkin puree” or the low-temperature egg on mayonnaise cheese cream…

Yes, we are not going to deny it… some of us are already salivating, and no wonder, this celebration will surely be remembered both for its delicious food and for the unique and exclusive atmosphere that we can find at the Fortuny club-discotheque. The best music and cocktails to start the night in the best possible way.

1. The Torreón del Pardo

Once we finished the degree we felt like we had just come out of the oven, with hardly any experience and with a great desire to work... so a few things never hurt. Tips for finding your first job in Europe. How curious… where will we start?

He El Torreón Restaurant , located on one of the highest hills in El Pardo, is one of our favorite places to celebrate dinners or group meals, and above all, graduation parties. We have plenty of reasons to choose this restaurant to celebrate such a special day, and to start, we will say that in few places we can enjoy a traditional spanish cuisine as here.

In addition to its main dishes, El Torreón offers a large number of starters to snack on its incredible terrace, where you can enjoy the outdoors before sitting down with your knife and fork. From Madrid-style tripe, even the best lamb or beef, Galician fish and of course, the best selection of wines to accompany each and every one of their dishes.

This place will be perfect to live a unique experience with our colleagues on the day of university graduation Shall we dare?

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