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Ideas to celebrate birthdays, farewells or simply do something different are running out and lately people are looking for something original and different. For that reason and so that you don't get bored we tell you fun plans to change and not do the same as always. Madrid is one of the cities with the most leisure options, so today we bring you one of the most fun activities in the capital Come on!

I recently had the opportunity to ride the “beer bike”, a giant bike with a beer tap to explore Madrid pedaling! The truth is that until recently I did not know of the existence of this fun fashionable vehicle to get to know Madrid in a different way. Definitely the experience was very good and I would certainly repeat. Fun is guaranteed in the 45 minute tour and also You will become the center of attention on the streets of Madrid, being the subject of videos, photos and comments since people are amazed when they see the beer bike! and he can't help but let out a little smile or a good laugh.

beer bike

The tour begins on Juan de Urbieta street, very close to Atocha and from there it begins non-stop pedaling, laughter and a lot of beer.

The bici-birra has capacity for 18 people, there were 7 of us and depending on which sections it was a bit difficult for us to move the bike, so I advise you that the more the better!

Even so, it is much more exciting to give everything to get this multitandem bicycle moving and being less makes this a challenge. original way to discover the corners of Madrid. Do you dare?

To refresh the route we choose the 18 euro option, that for that price you can drink 1 liter of sangria or 1.5 of beer. Apart There are more options that adapt to all budgets, so riding a bbike is an activity available to everyone! And if you are one of those who like to eat and drink at the same time, you can bring food although in some parts you will have to juggle to eat it...but that's the fun. My friends and I brought some bags of pipes to accompany the activity, but you can bring whatever you want as long as you respect the rules that will be explained to you the days before the tour.


Glasses for everyone, ice, a driver with a very good vibe...without a doubt From Bbike the treatment was unbeatable. In addition to cheering us up on the trip, the driver made us very good music to accompany our tour around the capital, and if that music doesn't convince you too You can bring a pendrive with your favorite songs all advantages! The organization assists you immediately and is always available for any questions or queries.

But Not only Madrid has gotten on the back of the Beer-Bike. Cities like Budapest, Amsterdam or Lisbon also offer the possibility of discovering the charms of the city without stopping pedaling!

Take note and If you want to surprise a friend on their birthday, farewell or just have a good time as a group, the beerbike is the perfect plan. Cheap, original and for everyone…the beer bike is the fashionable vehicle!

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