Although many of us don't want to because it marks the end of our vacation, others are counting the days until the arrival of September. After all summer working, those long-awaited days of vacation with friends and rest finally arrive.

But since we love to look for a good excuse to travel, take a getaway or party wherever we are... Once again we bring the party agenda september 2018. Don't let the rhythm stop!

Mercé Festival (September 21-24)

Location: Barcelona

We're going to Barcelona to celebrate one of its mythical festivals in style: La Mercé Festival! For 4 days the streets of Barcelona are filled with people ready to enjoy the different performances to the fullest: Concerts, theatres... This year the Throes + The Shine concert stands out on the line-up.

Carthaginians and Romans (September 15-24)

Location: Cartagena (Murcia)

If you find yourself near Cartagena on September 15 or 24, we recommend that you take advantage of these days to visit the city, since you will relive the years of the Second Punic War as if it were the same date. And during these days the city is transformed, the people of Cartagena put on their best Carthaginian and Roman costumes and remember their history through the streets.

In this festival it is essential to visit the festive camp where you will see multitudes of troops and legions parading and besieging the different “enemy” tents in which the best songs of the moment are played.

Over the years, these festivals have gained importance and are now part of the festivals of international tourist interest.

Albacete Fair (September 7 – 17)

Location: Albacete

In 2008 the Albacete Fair was declared of International Tourist Interest.

On Thursday at 6:30 a.m. the party begins with an opening parade that begins on Avenida de España and ends at the Fairgrounds with a pyrotechnic show. After the fires, the fair is inaugurated.

During the next 10 days you can enjoy different activities, such as the battle of flowers, a puppet festival for the little ones, craft fairs, heifers, theaters and festivals that will liven up the night.

Ibiza Closings

If there is an indication of the end of summer, it is the closing of the clubs of IbizaYes, with parties in style to say goodbye in style to these months of sun, mojito and beach.

Just like they do with openings of their clubs, the clubs once again prepare the best shows, performances and DJs so that the closing is the most exceptional. This year we can find everything from a party dedicated to the Brazilian sambadrome to the legendary foam festival. Buy your tickets!

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