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Madrid is a city that never ceases to surprise, flexible and friendly, full of activities, museums, bookstores, events, concerts and art. A world of possibilities both for those who are passing through and for those who live there!

Its streets full of history, its parks and its mythical sunsets make this city a spectacle and a mandatory destination on a trip through Spain.

If something characterizes Madrid, it is its multiculturalism. People from different places coexist daily with tourists who choose the capital as a destination for their vacations, and it is not surprising, there are different ways to get to Madrid, either through the International Airport. Adolfo Suárez (known as Barajas Airport) or by train, arriving at Atocha station, you will love its interior garden! Its turtles, palm trees and vegetation make this small ecosystem one of the main attractions of the station.

The next step is to find the perfect place to relax and unwind. The first thing we must ask ourselves is: What is the plan? If the idea is tour the city on foot, or enjoy a couple of days but with a low budget, our recommendation is to review the offers of hotels in the center of Madrid to find the option that best fits the plan.

Experts say that places are really known by walking, so we use a map and pen to create a route based on the 4 recommendations for getting to know Madrid on foot without spending a cent!:

The door of the sun

The protagonist of the chimes! Thousands of Madrid residents gather every year to welcome the new year in this square, but what many do not know is that there are two very famous elements: The “Uncle Pepe” and the sculpture of Bear and the Strawberry Tree.

The origin of the six radial roads that leave from Madrid takes place in Puerta de Sol, so a photo with the Kilometer 0.

Main square

Very close to Puerta del Sol is the Plaza Mayor, a historic place that offers one of the most famous postcards of Madrid. In it we can find a statue of Philip III, King of Spain and Portugal.

The Temple of Debod

Surely many did not imagine that in Madrid they could find an Egyptian building.

Very close to Plaza de España is this temple, with more than 2,000 years of construction, it is an essential place on your visit to Madrid, and not only because of the impressiveness of the place, but because you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in Madrid.

El Retiro Park

A historic garden and the favorite park of many inhabitants of Madrid. Perfect for having a drink looking at its lake, walking among its trees, or visiting the Crystal Palace.

As an extra idea: on any trip to Madrid worth its salt there is something that should never fail, and that is its mythical squid sandwich in a place where there is no sea!

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